It's Time for a walk, all month long!

Your New Year's resolution may be to get some more steps in and luckily its walk your pet month, all month long! According to Pet Obesity Prevention, 57.9% of American Pets are overweight or obese. So let's help keep our pets healthy and happy with a walk a day. Here are some tips and benefits to help our pets out this month: 

What to bring

To have a successful walk, always carry bags for disposing doggie waste, and leaving the community waste free! Be aware of your dog's collar ID and make sure it's up to date. Don't forget to reward your doggie and bring their favorite treats for good behavior. Bring a correct leash that your dog feels comfortable with. A correct leash is not too long so no problems can occur, or too short because it will cause pulling. Ideally a comfortable leash is 4 to 6 inches long so there is enough room to roam. Bringing a bowl for some water is very helpful, especially for those longer walks. Lastly what to bring on the walk is correctable dog wear for weather conditions. This can be a sweater or something to protect the paws in rain or snow. 

The benefits 

A stronger bond and love: The daily walks is much needed for your doggie, especially if they were kept inside all day. It's a much needed walk and will create a larger bond between the two. Daily walks can improve the dogs behavioral development and will help with a trusting relationship. 

Socialization is under control: Walks are a great way for your dog to experience different smells, dogs, people, and places. It will also help developed good behavior and their confidence. Their confidence is likely to grow with new positive reinforcement and experiences. Getting your dog to socialize will help reduce the amount of anxiety they may feel in their everyday life. The walks and socialization will also benefit when bringing your pup to a restaurant or any crowded public place. 

The weight is under control: For a great result from the daily walks, go on frequent walks for a longer time and consistency. A 20 minute walk once a day everyday is not enough for overweight or hyper active dogs. Half and hour in the morning and night everyday will benefit your pet much more than a 20 minute walk. If you have dogs such as a Pug, Shih Tzu, or Bulldog, a 20 minute walk would be perfect due to the fact they cannot walk for a long period of time. All in all with the daily walking, your pet will continually come to you for more walks and it'll become an essential part of your life. 

A proper walk 

When walking your dog you should stay aware of your dog and their placement. Your dog should be walking beside you and not behind or in front of you. You and your dog are on a walk, your dog is not walking you or vise versa. When your dog is walking in front of you, you're allowing the dog to be in charge of the walk. Before the walk make sure you grabbed bags, water, collar, and a perfect leash for them. 


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