Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Safety TIPS:

Tree safety: When putting up the Christmas tree secure the tree so it doesn't tip and fall causing a possible injury to your pet. Be sure that the tree water is not available for your pet to reach due to the caintainments of fertilizers and bacteria that will cause an upset stomach, nausea or diarrhea. 

Live tree action:  For those who aren't purchasing a fake tree, be aware of what falls out the tree when it's all set up. Keep the area around the tree free and clear of pine needles. They are very dangerous and the needles can cause much harm to the stomach that will irritate or puncture your pets intestines. 

A Tip: You can add aluminum foil around the tree water!

Tinsel love: Although tinsel adds beauty to the tree be aware of the placement and how accessible it may be to your pet. Ingesting tinsel can potentially block their intestines, that can be corrected through surgical means. Especially kitties love the sparkly, lightweight “toy” that is easy to play with. For the kitty a nibble of tinsel can lead to obstructive digestive tract, severe vomiting, and possible surgery. Simply don't hang tinsel within reach or don't use it in regards to their safety. 

Shine bright, lights: Be aware of the lights on the tree, it may be pretty but it can be deadly to our pets. Avoid placing the lights on the trees lower branches as its in reach of. Your pet could have the possibility of getting shocked, burned, and entangled. Such as your pets may get tangled in the lights, it'll cause a burn on both cats and dogs. In fact your dog or cat could get shocked by biting through the wire. So be cautious of the tree lights and the access your pet has from it.


Oh, ornament: Ornaments may be the final touch to the tree but its a hazard to our pets. Be sure ornaments are out of reach because it can cause intestinal blockage, choking, and shards from broken ornaments may injure paws, mouth or any part of the body. 

Mistletoe & Holly: Mistletoe & Holly add the perfect christmas touch to your decoration collection but will cause your pet to suffer since its poisonous. If ingested can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. As for Mistletoe, it can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. Although it's a jolly time of the year, choose a pet safe bouquet that won't harm your pet or keep out of reach. 

So hot, watch out, the burning candle: Lets spread holiday spirit with a nice smelly candle but watch out for our furry ones! Be aware the placement of candles, such as high shelves or mantels and out of the way of your pets way. Keep your cats away from any areas with open flame or wax and be aware if your kitty or doggy is in reach of it. 

Wrapping paper and ribbon:  Wrapping presents is pretty exciting but be aware and careful of where your supplies are. Wrapping paper, string, ribbon, and plastic pieces could all cause intestinal blockage. Be aware of leaving wrapped gifts with ribbon under the tree because your pet have easy access to it and can cause harm to themselves. 


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